It was sometime in 2008, we were down couple of beers on a moderately hot summer afternoon. It was that little thing unknown, that twitch in the stomach, yes yes…exactly that. I felt everything around seeping in and thus the beginning of soulful journey called Goa. The time had come to express. The space between feeling and expression is where you find yourself…and I had to discover.

A lot had to be done. Chill the warm beer and see the difference. Walk that extra mile, and see the landscape changing. It was all happening. It was time to take that boat and sail across. The soulful craving wanted to beat the body. The urge for flirting with the lanes and the landscape. Drop your hat and romance with your thought. They sounded pretty and now was the time to drape them into style… the idea of starting a stay space dawned on me. But it had to be a place that could evolve into a unhotel. Something cool, happening, intimate and personal…you keep coming back to. A place we unmask and see all shades in the silvery mozaic of mirror. To unhide and seek. A place that made every guest proud of their choice.

36 months of crafting, and I had you always on my mind, with every clod of earth or brick that was moved. Finally 16 Degrees North happened, the way I felt before I expressed, something beautiful and different.

We welcome you to explore and continue the romance. A place where our soul has found a home and we know yours will too. We bid you to find your comfort corner in the sweet little haven our team has attempted to create. It has a character, soul and I want you to be a part of it. While we know we may not be the best, but that's just a point of view. We keep evolving every moment and so would be restless me.

The nights are still going to be sleepless. To create many more exotic, design-based boutique hotels in Goa and beyond. The poems will still be written to make a song. Must listen to the music, no matter just to tap a happy feet.

Wishing you a soulful stay, whoever is your mate!!

Pankaj Kumar
The [P] Factor